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Spaying & Neutering  your pet provides a healthier, longer life. In addition, you will be helping to reduce the number of unwanted pets that may be subject to starvation, illness, and death.

The benefits of  spaying & neutering your pet are enormous. A simple and quick operation that results in a healthier, more personable, companion that saves you money in the long run.

At Balsam Animal Hospital we offer additional, yet optional, services along with the spay/neutering procedure:

A Physical Exam (including bloodwork tests if needed)

Intravenous Catheter & Fluids

Tooth Extraction

Dental Prophies

Growth Removals

Nail Grinds

Grooming, de-matting

Reasons to Spay & Neuter:

Female Pets
Eliminates the heat cycle. Dogs are in heat (estrus) for about 21 days. This can happen generally twice a year. Cats can be in heat 3-15 days, three or more times a year.

Stops unwanted visitors. Males can be drawn from blocks around by the scent of a female animal in heat even when she is kept indoors.

  • Reduces risk of mammary, ovarian and uterine tumors (“cancer” “neoplasia”)
  • Ends crying and the frantic efforts of the animal to get outside and mate.
  • Stops the bloody discharge, that can stain your furniture and carpets.

Neutering a male pet:
Removes the mating drive. Once the reproductive organs (testicles) are removed, the animal stops producing sex hormones and after a short period of time no longer has the urge to mate. With the lack of sex drive your animal saves needed energy which has been proven to prolong their life.

  • Reduced urine odor
  • Reduces marking
  • Prevents testosterone responsive diseases, tumors, prostate, hernias
    • Stops spraying. Male cats tend to mark their territory with foul smelling urine and in most cases
    neutering will stop this.
    • Reduces mounting. Males often exhibit embarrassing mounting of furniture, cushions, and
    occasionally people’s legs.
    • Reduces the urge to roam. Unaltered pets often stray far from home in search of a female. During this search, they can fall victim to accidental death by poisoning or traffic. Many sustain major injuries from fighting with other males.

We urge you to contact us today and discuss these benefits and to schedule your animal’s spay or neuter procedure.

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